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CMM Manager

Nikon’s CMM Manager is a task-oriented, highly intuitive software for tactile measurements using CMMs. It is a fully integrated CMM measurement environment featuring quick-measure, one-click CAD measure, collision-free CAD teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, as well as CAD and datum alignment. CMM Manager


PolyWorks|Inspector is a powerful industrial 3D metrology software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using non-contact point cloud digitizers and single-point contact-based probing devices.


Verisurf Measure controls all 3D scanning and probing measurement and data. It automates device aligments, measurement, inspection and reporting of measured features and surfaces to blueprints or CAD models. Verisurf



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