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CMM Software
V-DMIS 2012

V-DMIS 2012 connects CAD component data with the CMM inspection process, providing real time, online, truly integrated software. V-DMIS 2012 is the innovative benchmark for CAD integration and functionality.

V-DMIS 2012 is programmable by all via a unique user interface including computer or video generated tutorials, selectable online help, virtual CMM/probe, multilingual help and a number of advanced features like High Level Language programming (macros). V-DMIS 2012 has a unique patented Iconized DMIS program interface making DMIS user friendly for all.

Utilizing the latest software development tools, as well as CAD and CMM industry standards, V-DMIS 2012 facilitates seamless collection, analysis, visualization and communication of data throughout the manufacturing environment. V-DMIS 2012 provides a full-service, software-focused approach to CMM control and Metrology based solutions.

V-DMIS 2012 Pro+ is designed for users who work without CAD models. Pro+ offers the ideal solution, creating 3D part graphics as you measure with FULL DMIS Read and Write capability. Users can utilize the features from the graphic viewer for subsequent analysis. The wide range of functionality provides a powerful metrology solution including High Level Language support for advanced programming capabilities and optional MS-Excel spreadsheet integration.

V-DMIS 2012 CAD+ adds the ability to read STEP, IGES and VDA files and to export measured data in IGES format. Unlike other systems, CAD+ includes all the functionality necessary to measure and evaluate curves and surfaces. Users can upgrade from V-DMIS 2012 Pro+ to V-DMIS 2012 CAD+ at any time for a small upgrade fee.

V-DMIS 2012 CAD++ includes all of the features of CAD+ as well as Virtual SURF for creating 3D surfaces from point clouds. This technology allows users full surface reverse engineering capabilities.

Active Matrix™ adds the ability to utilize essentially every CAD format available today, including native CATIA V4 and V5, ProE and Unigraphics. Users can view, clean up and prepare models for measurement without having to install V-DMIS 2012.

Regardless of the V-DMIS 2012 version you choose, you can feel confident knowing you are building your metrology future on a firm foundation of industry standard technology.

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